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Producer and Designer


Hi there, I'm Mark Honnibal, and creating games is my passion. I excel in Unity, having published several titles that you can explore right from the home menu. Currently, I'm honing my skills in Unreal Engine. I have a knack for constructing immersive sets within this platform.

My Experience

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Arts, specializing in Game Design. Currently, I'm on the journey toward earning my Master's Degree in Design, broadening my horizons and deepening my expertise in the craft.

Im proficient with a range of software from video editing suites to 3d model creation texturing and implementation and render.

My Education


Why choose me? Believe me when I say my heart beats for game development. The fusion of cutting-edge technology, intricate coding, and raw passion can create magic. It's a mesmerizing spectacle when diverse disciplines harmonize into a masterpiece. The result? Pure, unparalleled glory.

My Love of games

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I beleive while a good producer can come up with clever ideas to tackle production Deadlines.  They should also have a good idea of the usage of all the software needed to create.  Whether it is in games or Animation.

Procrastination Simulator

Producer - Solo Team

  • Concept and Planning - Develop game concepts, design documents, and competitive analyses.

  • Technical Setup - Set up Unity and Android development environments.

  • Art and Design - Design and create characters, environments, and UI elements.

  • Game Development - Implement game mechanics, levels, and controls in Unity.

  • Ad Integration - Choose an ad network, register, and integrate ads into the game.

  • Testing and Optimization - Conduct unit tests, playtesting, and performance optimization.

  • Monetization Strategy - Develop and implement strategies for monetizing the game.

  • Preparation for Release - Create promotional materials and prepare app store listing.

  • Publishing - Register for Google Play, build the game package, and submit it.

  • Post-Release - Monitor performance, gather feedback, and release updates.

I really dove deep into the backend of this game, way more than I initially intended. My original goal was simple: take a quirky concept like a "stopwatch," add a unique twist to it—think procrastination and motivational quotes—and wrap it up quickly. But as I got into the development, I found myself adding layers and features that extended far beyond what most players might ever notice. For instance, I included elements that only unlock after a year of gameplay. It's almost a secret world within the game that few might discover, but it adds depth and a sense of ongoing discovery for anyone who sticks with it that long.

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Screenshot 2023-12-13 105929.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 110445.png


Producer - Solo Team

  1. Concept Development

    • Develop the game concept, including storyline and gameplay mechanics.

  2. Design and Planning

    • Create a detailed game design document.

    • Plan game architecture and technical requirements.

  3. 3D Modeling and Texturing

    • Design and create 3D models for characters, environments, and objects.

    • Create textures for these 3D assets.

  4. Environment Setup

    • Construct interactive game environments.

    • Implement lighting and graphical enhancements.

  5. Programming

    • Write code for game mechanics, player interactions, and UI controls.

    • Integrate Unity’s physics and gameplay systems.

  6. Sound Design

    • Produce or source sound effects and background music.

    • Integrate audio to complement the gameplay.

  7. Testing and Debugging

    • Conduct comprehensive testing across different systems.

    • Debug and optimize to ensure smooth performance.

  8. Preparation for Release

    • Create game trailers and screenshots for the game page.

    • Set up the game’s page on with descriptions and media.

  9. Publishing

    • Publish the game on, manage version control and updates.

This game I made over the course of 5months.  I had to 3d model and texture a lot of these assets as I had no budget for bonus assets.  While it was fun to make I ran into many issues with the code complexity that took weeks to solve.  I was Just ok with the end result being a snake game.  I think with more time I could of made the Japanese people traffic a little more diverse.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 175502.png
Screenshot 2023-11-29 170440.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 105858.png



Producer - 5 Person Team

  1. Concept and Game Design

    • Develop the core game mechanics, including the endless running and gravity elements.

    • Innovate the replay feature that allows players to restart or continue their session after watching an ad.

  2. Programming and Game Development

    • Code the primary gameplay functions, including character movement, collision detection, and the gravity mechanics.

    • Implement the logic for the ad-triggered replay feature, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into the game flow.

  3. Asset Creation (Handled by an employee)

    • Design and produce all required 2D graphics, such as character sprites, obstacles, backgrounds, and animations.

    • Ensure all visual elements support the game's aesthetic and thematic consistency.

  4. UI Design and Ads Integration (Handled by another employee)

    • Design the user interface, focusing on usability and aesthetic appeal.

    • Integrate Unity Ads, setting up ad placements that trigger the replay mechanic.

    • Handle technical aspects of UI and ad integration, ensuring they are functional and optimized.

  5. Sound Design

    • Select and integrate appropriate soundtracks and sound effects to enhance gameplay engagement and atmosphere.

  6. Testing and Quality Assurance

    • Conduct thorough testing to ensure the game runs smoothly across a variety of devices and configurations.

    • Identify and fix bugs related to gameplay, UI, ad integration, and the replay feature.

  7. Preparation for Release

    • Create promotional materials, including game descriptions, screenshots, and videos demonstrating the unique replay mechanic.

    • Optimize the game listing with keywords and tags to improve visibility on the Google Play Store.

  8. Publishing

    • Submit the game to the Google Play Store, including setting up the developer account, filling out all necessary forms, and complying with Google's policies.

    • Launch the game and monitor initial downloads and user feedback.

  9. Post-Release Monitoring and Updates

    • Track the performance of the game, focusing on user engagement, replay mechanic usage, and ad revenue.

    • Address user feedback and technical issues through updates and patches.

First Game to include in game ads.  I wasn't a fan of this but realised its potential quick.



Producer - 4 Person Team

  1. Concept Development and Planning

    • Create the initial game concept, defining key gameplay mechanics specific to the tower defense genre.

    • Develop a technical and financial plan to present to potential third-party funders.

  2. Utilizing and Customizing Unity Assets

    • Integrate and customize a Unity game kit tailored for a tower defense game.

    • Select and adapt various Unity assets to fit the game's theme and mechanics.

  3. Team Collaboration and Role Assignment

    • Coordinate a team of four, assigning roles based on expertise: 2D asset creation, UI development, programming, and sound design.

    • Ensure regular meetings and updates to maintain project alignment and momentum.

  4. Asset Creation and Integration

    • Design and develop 2D assets, including characters, towers, enemies, and environments.

    • Create engaging and intuitive user interfaces that enhance player interaction and game aesthetics.

  5. Programming and Game Mechanics

    • Code the core gameplay mechanics, including tower placement, enemy waves, and in-game economy.

    • Implement additional features like power-ups, special abilities, and level progression.

  6. Sound Design

    • Develop immersive sound effects and background music to enhance the gaming experience.

  7. Testing and Quality Assurance

    • Conduct thorough testing across all platforms (Steam, iOS, Google Play) to ensure compatibility and smooth performance.

    • Debug issues and optimize the game based on feedback from team and beta testers.

  8. Documentation for Funding

    • Compile a comprehensive technical brief detailing the game’s design, development process, market potential, and revenue projections.

    • Present this documentation to potential investors or third-party funders to secure financial support.

  9. Preparation for Multi-Platform Release

    • Prepare the game for launch on different platforms, adhering to the specific requirements and guidelines of Steam, Apple App Store, and Google Play.

    • Create platform-specific promotional materials and listings, including trailers, screenshots, and detailed descriptions.

  10. Launch and Distribution

    • Officially release "ChibiClubTD" on Steam, iOS, and Google Play.

    • Monitor the launch process to handle any immediate technical issues or bugs.

  11. Marketing and Promotion

    • Develop and execute a marketing strategy to promote the game across various channels, potentially using social media, influencers, and gaming forums.

  12. Post-Release Support and Updates

    • Provide ongoing support and updates to address user feedback, add new content, and maintain player engagement.

My most successful game to date.  Bringing in a substantial following on Instagram albeit most from Japan.  In my recent trip there I met some of these people and gave away merchandise.  A supremely humbling experience.

download (12).png
download (11).png

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