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The Story So Far...

Wanted to jot down my journey to make chibiclubtd.  Its less of a game and more of a process of my cancer recovery.

I dont wave the cancer survivor flag around but with support from a bunch of good people.  Whom i've never met in person i was able to come back around in life.  Stop being depressed and really turn my life into something memorable.

Im happier more loving more forgiving than Ive ever been.  Surrounding yourself with the right people is the biggest key to happiness.  

ChibiclubTD is a game and only a game.  No ad's for background monies no in game microtransactions and we also don't harvest any data (Financially and Progressively backwards but somethings work without reinvention).  MHC would like to take gaming back to the 90s when games were fun.  Quirky bugs you lived with and loved/missed.  Who doesn't miss those days? No internet you had to discover everything yourself and at lunchtime school/work everyone shared there gaming journeys.  

Finally beating Super Mario's Star Road as a kid was a huge thing for me as a kid.  When you grew up in my circumstances you take any win you can.  


After our game was on the appstore and google play.  We are now delving with our assets into the NFT market.

What a journey it has been.  The brand is growing quite rapidly hoping to get more help in the future.


Thankyou for finding this.
I began this journey with kid gamers who are now dads/grandads.  
Have the best day.


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