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Sunrise over Sydney


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Mojiko Station


A studio project i solo made in unity.  Very Snake like first time i leaned into animation triggers.




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If you are after the game click below, if you are after ChibiclubTD NFT  or Merchandise links in top right.  Thanks again for your support!

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About Us

"When it comes to gaming, the tower defence formula is always essentially the same. But what we were hoping to do with our game is bring it to a new audience. With bright colours, outrageously unique towers, Over the top Effects and a Talent Tree for towers that provides for the dedicated.

Our gameplay is designed for quick bursts (few minutes spare you have while taking a train/bus/uber/waiting for tarkov to load etc) your progress will carry over to your next pick up and play.

Our game is a sling back to the 90s in terms of launch. No in game marketing, no Microtransactions, 1time purchase per platform and at a very affordable price. Possibility of DLC is there but only if you the people want more.

We are a very small team and this is a passion project born in a time of strife in our world but we've set small goals and are surging forward.

We've hit the steam store and google store.  Will be on iOS by the end of october" 
Thanks so much to the supporters.  Little Underdog developer in Australia.

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How to ChibiclubTD

Earn perks via clearing entire waves, spend these perks on upgrades and see how your upgraded towers kill more waves.  If your tower setup doesnt work go back to the perk screen and "reset" and spend perks elsewhere try other tactics.  Too easy

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